Yozen console table
is available on the market since 2020


Brand: Ziihome, China/ Ziilamp, China
Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu
Photoprapher: Zhou Sà
Material: Ash/ Black walnut



Unlike the cumbersomely carved and decorated case designs on the market, the simplicity and lightness of the leisurely case fit well into a modern space. The slightly raised ends of the overhanging laminate and the rattan drawer faces reflect each other interestingly, resembling a boat on the surface of a river, creating a timeless oriental aesthetic mood. The combination with the simplicity and lightness of the frame makes it more ethereal and beautiful.

The joints of the solid wood frame are tightly joined by skilled woodworking mortise-and-tenon techniques, making the lightweight structure almost invisible to riband but very stable. The monolithic structure also adds to the simplicity and softness of the exterior.
The long narrow table is very flexible in the display of ancient courtyards. It can be displayed in many spaces such as the living room, bedroom, study, hallway, and tea room, bringing different convenience and decorative atmosphere to each space. Because of its unique shape of simplicity and lightness, the long narrow table can be more adroitly integrated into modern home space.