Yenhao, CHU/ 朱妍澔

YenHao CHU/ 朱妍澔 is a product designer born in Taiwan,
and her father is a collector of Chinese antiques. Therefore, she has been immersed in aesthetic environment since she was very young. At the age 17, she spent one year studying in the USA. She had been working as a product designer in Taipei for 2 years, and after she finished her master degree at ECAL, Switzerland in 2017. During her master degree, she has cooperated with Vitra, e15 and Victorinox.  After she has designed many items for Ziihome(China)and some brands around the world, and specially focuses on furniture and lamps. She believes that a good design is finding good balance between all the elements.

2019.03 Gold Trend Award, China/ Best Furniture Award+ Best Design Team Award
2018.03 Gold Trend Award, China/ Best Emerging Designer Award

2017.04 SaloneSatellite 2017, Milan
2017.03 IFDA ASAHIKAWA Award 2017 - 30 selection, Japan
2016.10 «Dead Objects Alive» presented at Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, Mexico
2014.10 Taiwan Designer's Week Exhibition, Taiwan
2014.08 Dian Shin Design Rereshment Exhibition, Taiwan
2014.05 Shenzung International Furniture Exhibition, China
2012.10 Tokyo Designer's week exhibition, Japan
2012.10 Nissan Innovation Car Award / Bronze Award
2012.05 YODEX National Young Design Award/ Gold Award
2011.06 Taiwan Sports Technology Award/ Merit Award

Contact: (Design cooperation or demands of purchasing products, please email here/ 設計相關合作或商品購買請發郵件到此郵箱 )

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