Kasa lamp is available on the market since 2017
KASA LAMP   笠影吊燈

Brand: Ziihome, China/ Ziilamp, China
Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu
Photopraphers: He Yang & Tu Liang
Material: Ash/ Black Walnut + Anodized steel

Kasa is an ancient Chinese hat for rainy days or days with burning sun. In some cases, it also means umbrella. The shape of this object protects people from harsh weather conditions. In some Chinese poems, kasa is symbolized as a guard or protector watching over the people underneath. Ziihome only uses solid wood to design its wooden furniture, and to continue this idea, it has released its first collection of pendant-Kasa lamps with an oriental look, inspired by an ancient Chinese object. This collection can be used in households, shops, or restaurants.

We applied knowledge about the wood furniture industry to produce the Kasa lamp. Ziihome uses 50mm thick precious wood plates and combined. The lampshades are engraved by CNC machines and hand sanded. The thinnest part of the lampshade is only 4mm with a smooth edge. The fine details make this lamp look like an art piece. In 60 minutes, four pieces of solid wood Kasa lampshades can be produced by a 5-axis CNC machine. We can set up more machines to increase the production numbers. Moreover, by choosing an LED light source and controlling the gradual change of the thickness of the wood lamp shade, we made this art piece into a stable product to sell on the market.