Hill chair is available on the market since 2018

Brand: Ziihome, China
Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu
Photographers: He Yang & Tu Liang

Waist support is the key factor in determining the comfort of a chair. We challenged this model through the calculations of ergonomics and testing of mechanical equilibrium, in order to achieve the perfect “suspending chair backrest”. The thickness of the suspended backrest measures up to 20mm and the width of the inner joint measures up to 130mm. The upper and lower parts are tightly fastened together, firmly supporting the back. The lateral bearing capacity is up to 200kg. The backrest of this chair is precisely carved by CNC, and the 3D steradian fits ones back perfectly, allowing one to sit for long without getting tired.

椅背折曲有度,宛若青山起伏。经典坐面手工编织,仿似白水迢迢。目之所及,身之所触,温润自然。 腰部支撑是决定椅子舒适度的关键因素。我们计算人体工学和测试力学上的稳固性,为了达到悬浮椅背的造型。靠背厚度达20mm,加上内榫头宽度达130mm,上下紧紧扣牢,稳固撑起背部,横向承重可达200kg。此椅靠背由CNC精准雕刻,3D立体弧度完美贴合人的背部,伏案久坐,腰也不会酸。

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