Dimension lamp is available on the market since 2018

Brand: Ziihome, China/ Ziilamp, China
Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu
Photopraphers: He Yang 
Material: Marble + Steel

The natural marble possesses a starry sky texturing, and the golden framing envelopes the natural stone, as though the revolution of the stars and their orbits. This marble lamp cover is finely carved by a CNC computer. It is thick in the middle, and thin at the sides, with the thickness measuring at merely 8mm at the thinnest part. The structure is stable. We only choose marbles with dense internal particles and minimal tensile crack coefficient; hence the material is strong. A CNC machine with a set of mold can carve 10 marble lampshades an hour. While conveying the exquisite feeling of the natural materials itself, the cost and production efficiency of industrialization is also considered. We used a unique rotating design for the square-shaped lamp body so that people can self-adjust to their favorite angle.