Nichi tea table is available on the market since 2022

Nichi Tea Table 日初茶几

Brand: Ziihome, China/ Ziilamp, China
Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu
Photopraphers: Cheng le
Material: Ash/ Walnut + Baking varnish stainless steel




Nichi Tea table is the first block-shaped tea table launched by ziihome. Its staggered and smooth block design presents an Eastern poetic feeling resembling the reflection of a golden sun on the tabletop.

What sets Nichi Tea table apart from other block-shaped tea tables on the market is that it not only has a beautiful appearance but also practical storage functions. It features a unique 360° smooth rotating metal storage plate that hides a spacious storage space for items such as tissue boxes, nail clippers, and tea utensils, keeping the tabletop clean. At the same time, the golden plate is designed to be not centered, allowing users to still have wide tabletop space.

The tabletop of Nichi Tea table is made of CNC carved solid wood, which exquisitely carves out a high-low intricate detail. We embedded three steel bars inside the 25mm thick solid wood tabletop to ensure long-term use without deformation. In addition, the storage plate is made of 304 stainless steel and coated with a durable gray-golden paint, not only delicate and good-looking in color but also long-lasting. The designer also considered the safety of both adults and children in the home and used finely-cut rounded edges and corners for the overall shape while setting the wooden block back many times below the tabletop to provide ample legroom.

In summary, Ri Chu Tea Table is not only a beautiful and practical block-shaped tea table but also reflects the designer's pursuit of product details and functions as well as consideration for user safety and experience.